At GB-DigiMart, we strive to provide you with the finest quality dry fruits and nuts. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a straightforward return policy to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Product Replacements/Returns:

This policy clarifies the position holds concerning any and all refunds, returns and exchanges. will only exchange or replace a product ordered from if:

  1. The product has a manufacturing defect
  2. Was received by the buyer in damaged condition
  3. If the product package seal was opened prior to the buyer receiving the product
  4. In case the product has undergone damage (as scratches) before the buyer received the product

In case a buyer wants to return or exchange a product purchased from they should call our helpline (+92 345 5485685) or simply email us at so our quality assurance team can carefully investigate, evaluate and assess the buyer’s claim and proceed in an ethical manner to accommodate the buyer as much as possible.

Note: Buyers must make sure that they communicate their claims, disputes or concerns regarding the product purchased within 24 hours of receiving delivery of the product for a speedy response and resolution of the buyer’s concerns regarding the product they have purchased.

Not Eligibility Criteria will not be held liable or responsible to exchange or return any product as well as refund payment for any product bought on in the case the buyer does not like the product but it is accurately presented and described in the product catalogue, product page and product description.

Buyers are advised to make sure that they accurately place the correct order for the product they intend to purchase.

However, will aid buyers in exchanging or replacing an order according to the buyer’s preference.

Eligibility Criteria

Refunds will only be entertained if is unable to deliver the product purchased by the buyer to the buyer in the stated time frame (3 to 5 working days) excluding curfew hours, government shutdowns or an unexpected “Act of God”.

In case a buyer receives a product that:

  1. Does not match the product image or product description presented in the product catalog or product page.
  2. Does not meet the specifications mentioned in the product description
  3. Is a replica of the product the buyer ordered

Then the buyer is under no obligation to keep the product and can contact to exchange or replace the product or receive a refund after the mutual consent of and the buyer.

Order Cancellation

According to policy, a buyer can cancel their order at any time prior to the order being dispatched.

In case the order has been dispatched, then the buyer will have to pay the shipment charges to return the product to the vendor or and then and only then will their order be cancelled.

Buyers can return products in case they do not match the product they ordered but our quality assurance team will carefully and ethically examine the buyer’s query and respond within 5 to 10 working days.